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Jan/Feb Blog 2014

Coming out of Christmas into the New Year always seems to generate a flurry of activity in the industrial and commercial construction markets and this year is no exception.


We’ve seen a significant increase in tenders through the office since New Year so it appears that things are back into full swing!


There’s no doubt the work’s out there, but to win it prices need to remain extremely competitive. For us, that means running a “tight ship” on the purchasing side and sweating our “in house” assets and resources.


Keeping a large “cards in” labour force employed, takes a lot of management and planning, but it gives us the flexibility and control to be able to place our labour to maximum effect. We can mobilise at short notice and react to changes quickly. This is all good for our clients.


Contract Services works with sub-contractors with the same philosophy. It’s not unusual to be on site within 48 hrs of an order being placed...but you can only do that when you have relationships based on co-operation and trust.


You need to know that safety systems are aligned and that there’s synergy between management procedures and working practises. You don’t want to be “re-inventing the wheel” every time you start a new job, but that doesn’t mean that a generic approach fits either! Every job is different and that needs to be acknowledged from the start.


For these reasons Contract Services have adopted the partnering philosophy with our sub-contractors, preferring to negotiate our projects with companies that have the capabilities and commitment rather than being purely price driven. We feel loyalty works both ways!


Let’s hope that 2014 lives up to the expectations and that the predicted growth in the economy will impact positively on the North West construction market, and won’t simply fuel the London “bubble”.


One thing’s for certain...Contract Services is ready to meet the challenge when it comes!


Steve Evason


M .D. Contract Services