Sustainability is a big word … and it covers a big subject. Climate change, Environmental issues, waste management, training, diversification, all come under this heading. If we are to make a positive impact on the world in which we live and operate, we must embrace the concept and the practicalities.

Contract Services is committed to working closely with all our stakeholders to improve and enhance the impact our activities have on the environment. We start as a responsible employer, listening to our people and taking their needs and views on board. We engage with our clients and customers making sure we form strong, long term relationships.

We work closely with the communities we serve, ensure we meet their needs. We open ourselves to test and scrutiny, for example The Considerate Constructors Scheme monitors and reports on our performance. Our accreditations are testimony to an ongoing review of systems and performance.

We realise that standing still in this area isn’t an option and that we must rise to the challenges set by legislation, our continued development as a responsible employer and the world in which we operate. Sustainability means planning for the future. Our company has a duty to play its part in reducing our environmental impact, maintaining our role as an employer committed to equality and best practice.

We also strive to have a Health & Safety Policy second to none! Improving our efficiency in these areas will not only make our company and its systems more sustainable, it will also filter through to our sub-contractors, suppliers, and clients alike.

So as each project is considered, sustainable processes are an integral part of our philosophy. Why not ask us to demonstrate sustainable processes for your project?